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Bitmain Antminer D7

Bitmain Antminer D7

  • Published On: 13 Nov 2021
  • Categories: Miners

How much money can you actually make and have you missed the opportunity?


Lets chat about the Bitmain Antminer D7, which launched in October 2021 at a very attractive price of $1700 (USD) with a hashrate capability of 1.286 TH/s and an electrical efficiency output of 3148 Watts. Immediately the numbers look promising, we’re seeing a daily profit minimum of around $75 (USD) up to a maximum of $95 (USD) a day. These numbers are running averages from ASICMINERVALUE.COM and as always with crypto’s often volatile structure, things could always crash low or blow up big, so it’s smart to take the numbers with a pinch of salt. These are big numbers though and anyone that grabbed this unit on pre-order at that low price before all the stocks ran out is sure to be laughing at how much money they are bringing in. Even with the high energy consumption, which lets be real is pretty big for a single ASIC, profits could be as high as $25,000 (USD) in your first year.


That’s an 18 fold Return on Investment. Let that sink in for a moment. Eighteen times the return in a single year. However, for obvious reasons, such as low stock numbers and increased market value, the price of the D7 has risen exponentially since it was released just last month. The main reason for this is that the D7 sold out immediately even before launch making stock hard to find, another reason is that the mining profitability has increased since the D7 was launched just last month and now daily profits have increased substantially.


So for all of us that were late to the party, is there still a chance at making a profit on the D7?


The short answer is yes, there is still profit to be made with the D7, the only real difference is a longer ROI. Let’s adjust the cost of the unit accordingly and see how the numbers look. Viperatech.com, a technology ecommerce site that has grown in popularity over the last few months, is selling the Bitmain Antminer D7 at $17,800. That’s a big increase in cost compared to the original price point, but even with this increase in costs associated with difficult to track down stock, high market demand, and increased daily profitability, crypto miners could still expect a Return on Investment in around 8 months and profits in the first year of operation of around $7,000 (USD). The Bitmain Antminer D7 is very tricky to find right now and even companies like Newegg and Bitmain have run out of stock.


What Coins Can You Mine With The D7?


The D7 mines on the X11 algorithm most commonly known for the DASH coin but miners could also grab other cryptocurrencies such as Hatch, Smartcoin, Onix or Pura. Dash is by far the most profitable crypto to mine with the D7 though and although the past few years have led DASH across a volatile trajectory it has a 7% increase in today’s market and stands at a reasonable $206 (USD) a coin. Two years ago Dash peaked at over $1500 (USD) and for it to return there would make the D7 extremely lucrative. The Antminer D7’s hashrate and electrical requirements make it the most powerful and efficient X11 ASIC miner on the market.


DASH Overview


With DASH being the major cryptocurrency on the X11 algorithm it’s worth knowing a little about what it is and the market expectations for the next few years. Dash arrived on the market back in 2014 and is built with a major focus on privacy, security and speed of transaction. Dash was built on the same blockchain technology that Bitcoin is built upon with a slight difference. That difference is how transactions are verified, Dash has two methods for this process and they are called miners and masternodes. The miners work the same way a Bitcoin transaction would be verified, individuals compete to complete a set of calculations to legitimize and store the transaction in the blockchain and are rewarded when successful. Masternodes work a little differently and are based on one of Dash’s main focuses, instant transactions.


Dash wants their product to be adopted and integrated by businesses for instant transactions, like buying a cup of coffee, and to do so they needed a system that would allow instant verification of transactions, this is where Masternodes step in. Masternodes are Dash miners that have staked a minimum of 1000 Dash coins in the system to allow transactions to take place more quickly, in return, those that own a Masternode network receive higher rewards for legitimizing transactions on the network. This allows an individual to buy that cup of coffee without having to wait for the network to confirm the transaction, which can take an average of 10 minutes on networks such as Bitcoin. In turn, this allows Dash to market themselves as an instant currency and find an avenue that few cryptocurrencies have travelled down. Dash actually boasts an impressive 1 second transaction time and transaction fees as low as 1 cent. That’s 30x cheaper than Bitcoin and much faster. You can see the success of this business model already, Dash has been implemented by thousands of businesses around the world both online and off.


Another feature of Dash is PrivateSend, where users can remain anonymous with transactions which are untraceable, unlike bitcoin which stores information about each transaction on the blockchain. These are interesting features for a cryptocurrency that is trying hard to put itself in the normal day to day operations of the word.


It’s these features that are giving Dash a positive outlook for the future, a cryptocurrency that is already being adopted by business and is available to be purchased on numerous trading sites is sure to help solidify it’s trust in the public.




You might feel like you missed the window for the D7 ASIC miner, I mean I’m sure jealous of anyone that grabbed this unit on pre-order prior to the increase in cost, but I’m also jealous of all the people that grabbed Bitcoin or Ethereum at a low price years ago and are now bathing in riches. But we don’t have to be jealous, if things continue the way they are going then it’s not too late to get in on the action. There’s still time to grab an ASIC miner such as the D7 and get involved in the cryptocurrency mining industry.



– Hashrate: 1286GH/s
– Size: 400 x 195 x 290mm
– Weight: 14200g
– Noise level: 75db
– Fan(s): 4
– Power: 3148W
– Voltage: 12V
– Interface: Ethernet
– Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
– Humidity: 5 – 95 %


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