Advisory: IceRiver has announced the new KS5M and KS0 Ultra for June production batch. Newly received Supermicro, Kaytus and HPE Nvidia HGX and DGX complete servers are now offered and in stock A100 and H100 are on clearance sale for the month of June. Please note all S21 generation ASICs from Bitmain now include a P13 to C20 cord. Credit Card payments will only work if USD or AED currency is selected on top right corner of the website. Vipera now offers turn-key setup services mid-large mining operations. We have secured 50MW of hosting colocation for UAE will expand in Q3, 2024. Financing has resumed for all products, including crypto-related hardware, for qualifying GCC customers and businesses only. Tabby payment instalments are now activated for orders less than $10,000 USD. We also now accept Letters of Credit for all international buyers for orders exceeding $150,000 USD.
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With global shortages of graphics cards and computing components due to a massive surge in hardware being purchased and utilized for cryptocurrency mining, Nvidia has stepped up to the table with a dedicated crypto mining-focused card. Viperatech.com has managed to secure over 1400 units, but stocks for this kind of equipment move fast and Nvidia are yet to update their website to show off this new piece of hardware which makes the market unsure as to how many of these units are to be expected.

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