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6 Tips on How to Resume Business Normally Post-Pandemic

6 Tips on How to Resume Business Normally Post-Pandemic


Tough times don’t last but tough people do – As the popular adage goes, most of the businesses are preparing to resume operations and want to ensure a safe transition into a CoVID-safe working environment without hampering productivity. A couple of initiatives by the governments and lawmakers across the globe have effectively helped develop a designated roadway to establish the pre-pandemic state of affairs. This includes the gradual lifting of travel restrictions, trade restrictions, and similar other restrictions around the world in an effort to re-erect the business and trade world and boost the world economy heavily impacted by the pandemic. Every industry has its exclusive set of challenges to overcome, but we will provide you with a few undeniably important tips that can help you with the transition. Read on to find out how you can resume your business in a seamless and effective manner.

Start with your Employees

Your employees are your source of business productivity. Hence, leave no stone unturned in ensuring employee safety first. This will help combat employee concerns like absenteeism due to health risks, employee dissatisfaction leading to turnovers, and efficient productivity. If your employees are happy, your customers are happy and your sales will look good. Here are a few factors to consider when planning to reopen your operations physically:

  • Regular cleaning and sanitization operations on a daily basis.
  • Procurement of sufficient PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Kits for each employee.
  • Installing workplace distancing barriers wherever possible to maintain the government directive of keeping not less than a 6 feet distance between individuals.
  • Using options like Digital Signage and other Screening and Notification technologies that involve zero contact to effectively communicate with all the employees.

Move on to your Customers

An equally important stakeholder in your business is your customers. Their safety and risk management is vital to encourage a risk-free and satisfactory experience with your products and/or services. You can resort to digital signages that display comprehensive information and instructions on how to shop with you in compliance with the CoVID protocols. Take additional precautionary measures to enforce CoVID-adherence protocols by installing contactless screening kiosks to detect abnormal temperatures, stationing employees at strategic points to ensure and guide visiting people in terms of the mask, sanitization, and social-distancing rules. The overall message will, thus, be clear on how stringently you observe and ensure that others observe the law, thus, reassuring your customers that they can have a safe and enjoyable experience at your business location peacefully.

Continue or Develop Pandemic-driven Delivery Services

During the lockdown, most of the businesses developed automated processes and particularly revamped their delivery services to provide doorstep services in compliance with social distancing rules. It is wise to continue or develop such services even after reopening your businesses, as this will help curb the further spread of the CoVID-19 virus. Additionally, such services will also provide relief to those belonging to the high-risk category and also those who may be quarantined. Hence, do not consider halting socially distanced services not just to sustain productivity but also for the benefit of your community.

Employ every channel of Communication with your Customers

This is a very important step after reopening your business. Only if your customers know that you are open for business, will your sales pick up. So, use every possible channel of contact with your customers to inform them that you are back and they can shop with you. Most importantly, ensure that you drive home the message – ‘You are back and Geared with the highest level of CoVID-Protection’. Keep your customers posted about the latest updates, trends, discounts, and CoVID-safe initiatives.

Adopt Advanced CoVID-Defeating Technologies

The competition is high and cutting edge in every sector of the industry. In order to stay on top, you have to adopt innovative ways to have a competitive edge over your competitors. And how do you do that? The best solution during this pandemic and in the future is to look out for newer and advanced technologies that promote zero contact interactions and make your workplace a secure and CoVID-free zone. You can check out our latest technology in temperature and mask screening and face recognition kiosk that rigidly screens every visitor/employee without the need for any form of human interaction. This helps propagate a screened and safe place for people to conduct business on-site.

Exhibit Social responsibility by Spreading Awareness

Lastly, it is the responsibility of every person and every business owner to propagate awareness about the disease and educate about the most effective ways to curb its spread. Business owners can use innovative ways like displaying digital signage, boards with witty content that talks about COVID symptoms, rules, and safety laws. The world population must unite and make efforts in every little way possible to spread awareness and instill a sense of accountability among our fellow citizens to defeat CoVID-19.

Viperatech Initiatives and Technology

We at Viperatech are committed to creating a safer and CoVID-free world with our innovative technologies. We have designed contactless kiosks that serve as your screening and check-in personnel without the presence of any human. It is easy, quick, effortless, reliable, and safe.
To know more about our range of products, visit us at www.viperatech.com. You can also reach out to us, in case of any queries by Clicking Here.