Interaction scheme

Protective cover has designed a matching protective cover for the linked screens, which can provide close viewing and touch protection without affecting the holographic stereoscopic display effect, and at the same time can achieve dustproof and moisture-proof noise reduction. We can provide customers with various customized services according to the installation scene and display size requirements.

Touchable and injury-proof

Dust and moisture control and noise reduction

Well-designed and beautiful

Sound scheme

Through the wire control module independently developed by , screen devices, computers and Bluetooth speaker can be connected in series. The Bluetooth speaker can be controlled by computer software in the background a to achieve audio and video synchronization, which is suitable for large exhibitions, launching ceremonies, dance performances and other scenes, bringing customers a feast of audio and video.

Audio/video synchronization

Complete functions

Simple operation

Security scheme

In order to prevent the trouble before it happens, has designed a security fence solution for exhibition halls, trade fairs and other applications that can sensitively identify visitors approaching from a safe distance and automatically stop running screen equipment to reduce the damage caused by accidental contact.

Security protection

Simple installation

Loss reduction

Interaction scheme

Through the external leapmotion somatosensory recognition device, the holographic display device can be operated more intelligently, and the corresponding gestures can be recognized. The material can be switched virtually, enlarged and reduced, and the model can be exploded and synthesized to realize human-computer interaction and enhance the sense of technology, interest and operability.

Cool effects

Increase playability

Attract customers



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