Temperature Measuring and Face Recognition Security Check Gate

Dynamic Thermometer Check Gate SCDT-2220

Non-contact temperature measurement
Accurate metal detection
Face recognition accuracy > 99.97%
2 million dynamic sensor
Infrared and TGB lights
8-inch A-gauge LCD
Abnormality warning

  • Dynamic Thermometer Check Gate SCDT-2220

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    Product Overview

    • High performance, High reliability, High stability Android system
    • With the industry-leading deep learning algorithm as the core
    • Standard local 20,000 level face library, face recognition accuracy >99.97%, recognition speed <100ms
    • Binocular living anti - counterfeiting function, anti - photo, video and other deception
    • 8-inch A-gauge LCD display, projection capacitive touch screen technology, full graphic design of
      operation interface
    • Adopt 2 million intelligent wide dynamic sensor, fearless of strong light, backlight and dark complex light environment
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    • Support the body temperature detection, temperature display function, temperature abnormal automatic alarm
    • Infrared and TGB double complement light, weak light identification without interference
    • Support optional wired /WIFI/4G communication
    • Support multi-language broadcasting
    • Six area metal detection function
    • Record the number of passengers and the number of alarms
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    Function & Features

    • Partition positioning, sound and column alarm simultaneously: six overlapping detection areas are combined with high-brightness LED alarm indicators as high as the human body to accurately determine the position of metal objects.
    • 360° omni-directional detection: four corresponding infrared transmitter and receiver, eliminate detection dead Angle.
    • Sensitivity adjustable: each region has 100 levels of sensitivity adjustable, according to the
      requirements in the 0-99 arbitrary adjustment, excluding interference such as leather head, zipper and other objects.
    • Using Android system and microprocessor digital control technology, strong anti-interference
      ability, can automatically brush face recognition statistics through the number of people and alarm times, abnormal traffic personnel, the background can carry out real-time classification record and processing
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    • It can be used independently, and can be connected to the network with multiple detection doors of the same type (the distance can be up to 40CM at least) to meet the requirements of large traffic
    • Password protection: working parameters have password protection function to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying parameters.
    • Economical, practical and beautiful, assembled structure, easy to install.
    • Meets EMC electromagnetic radiation standards: no damage to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, film and magnetic recording materials.
    • Security function key and display area.
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    Electrical Performance

    Input power : AC 110-240V

    Standby Power Loss : <20W

    Rated power consumption : < 60W

    Speaker Power : 8Ω5W

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    Work Environment

    Working Temperature : 10℃ ~ 35℃

    Operating humidity : 0% ~ 90%RH

    Storage temperature : -10℃ ~ 60℃

    Storage Humidity : 0% ~ 65%RH

Model SCDT-2220
OS Android 7.1.2 , Android 7.1.2 System
Camera 2 million wide dynamic, in vivo dual photography, strong backlight resistance
Touch display screen Capacitive touch screen, 8-inch a-gauge LCD (16:10)
Authentication Mode Face recognition, temperature detection, optional IC, ID card
Measuring Range 0℃ ~ 50℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.2@30CM ±0.3@50CM
Storage capacity 20,000 faces database and 150,000 records
External interface USB RJ45 RS232 TTL reset switch WIFI antenna interface
Communication mode Wired network, WIFI, optional 4G
Probe zone location Six area metal detection, sound and bright LED alarm indication
Adjustable sensitivity Level 100 sensitivity adjustable, according to the demand of 0-99 arbitrary adjustment
Password Protection Working parameters with password protection function, to prevent unauthorized personnel arbitrary modification
Strong antiinterference Microprocessor digital control, strong anti-interference, automatic statistics of passengers numbers and alarm times
External dimension 800 (width) ×2220 (height) ×670 (thickness) mm



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