Holowrx 65HDU


✔️ High resolution, high brightness

✔️ HDMI input is synchronized with video source

✔️ Real-time interaction

✔️ Wide range of adaptation

✔️ Self-starting function

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  • High resolution, high brightnessHDMI input is synchronized with video sourceReal-time interactionWide range of adaptationSelf-starting function

Specifications and parameters

Displayed size: 64.8cm

Number of LEDs in a single light bar: 256

Resolution: 1024*1024

Number of light bars: 4

Brightness: 1500cd/m²

Weight: 1078g(including sheet metal parts)

Thickness: 15.2cm

Rated power: 84W

Equipment speed: 750rpm

Input voltage: 24V

Rated power: 70W

System version: None

None: Support



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