Advisory: Newly released S19K Pro 136T is now available for preorder. Demand for A100, H100 and A800 Enterprise GPUs has surged. Check with a sales representative for availability and bulk inquiries. Financing now available through for US customers through Ascentium Capital. Credit Card payments through Amazonpay is only activated if USD currency is selected. Flagship Dubai showroom now open to public at Citywalk location. Colocation hosting in USA and Norway is available for 5 units minimum starting at 0.08 cents USD per kw/h all inclusive. CYCLESAFE 2-year and 3-year extended warranties now expanded to more models. Please review the Return Policy page as it has been updated with new terms.

Great news for all Vipera Customers!
Finance! Now!

We’re excited to announce that you can now use Affirm through Amazon Pay to make purchases on our website.

Great news for all Vipera Tech customers!


Vipera Tech has partnered with Affirm and Amazon Pay to bring customers a new payment option that allows them to split their payments into smaller, more manageable installments. Affirm is a financial technology company that provides a service for consumers to finance purchases with transparent and simple installment plans. With Affirm, customers can choose to pay for their purchases in smaller installments instead of having to pay the full amount upfront. Amazon Pay, on the other hand, is a service provided by Amazon that allows customers to quickly and easily complete their purchase using their Amazon account information.

How to Use the New Payment Option 


To use this new payment option, simply select Affirm at checkout and follow the prompts to set up your payment plan. You will need to provide some basic information to Affirm, including your name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. Affirm will then conduct a soft credit check to determine your eligibility for financing. Once approved, you can complete your purchase using your Amazon account information through Amazon Pay.

Benefits of the New Payment Option

The new payment option offered by Vipera Tech offers several benefits to customers. Firstly, it provides customers with a flexible payment option that allows them to pay for their purchases in smaller installments.


This can help customers budget their finances better and avoid the stress of having to pay for their purchases all at once. Secondly, it provides customers with a faster and more secure checkout experience. With Amazon Pay, customers don’t have to enter their billing and shipping information manually, making the checkout process much faster.Finally, the new payment option offered by Vipera Tech is transparent and affordable, with no hidden fees or penalties.

We hope you enjoy this new payment option and look forward to serving you in the future.


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