Holowrx 60H4G


✔️ Android system

✔️ Customizable software

✔️ Support 4G mode

✔️ Suitable for outdoor use

✔️ Support advertising media operations

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  • Android systemCustomizable softwareSupport 4G modeSuitable for outdoor useSelf-contained Bluetooth audio/video synchronizationSupport advertising media operations

  • “Holowrx-60H4G,Witness more exciting moments”


Specifications and parameters

Displayed size: 58cm

Number of LEDs in a single light bar: 180

Resolution: 720*720

Number of light bars: 4

Brightness: 1800cd/m²

Weight: 630g(including sheet metal parts)

Thickness: 5.8cm

equipment speed: 600/750/900rpmOptional

Input voltage: 24V

Rated power: 60W

System version: Android

WiFi: 2.4G/5GHz

4G support: Support

CPU: Quad core processor

Memory/Storage: 1G/8G

Pixel density: 0.81mm



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