Holographic signage board

Holographic signage board

Easy installation and plug-and-play

Cool holographic display

Dynamic update of rich contents

Scheme Intruduction

  • Steel metal frame with rust-proof treatment, tough and stable; overall pure-white paint, high-grade texture
  • Stunning holographic dynamic content with APP operation; change holographic content at will and reduce material waste
  • Leave a place for posting QR codes for offline customer attraction – online information retention – resource conversion.

Specifications and parameters

  • Material:cold rolled steel + highly permeable PMMA
  • Suitable equipment:DSEE-60H/65H/65X
  • Size:1520mm high
  • Display area:60cm*60cm /65cm*65cm
  • Input voltage:24V
  • Content formats:jpg,jpeg,png,gif,mp4,avi,rmvb,mkv,wmv,mov,flv



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