FogHashing B100 1MW Dry Cooler


Dimensions: 11800mm(L) * 2200mm(W) * 2350mm(H)

Miner Capacity: 200

Number of Tanks: 10 * B100 Tank (New design)

Cooling Capacity: 1MW

Circulation Mode: Single Loop / Dual Loop

Coolant Volume: 7000L

Cooling Type: Dry Cooler

Input Voltage: 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz

Max Power Load: 1437kW

Operating Power: 100kW

Max Inlet/Outlet Temp: 48/56°C

Ambient Temperature: -25°C~48°C

Monitoring: Tank level mini-LED | Web-based portal for remote control | Standard SNMP protocol | Email integration

✓ Coolant: Not Included


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    Specifications Overview

    The setup boasts dimensions of 11800mm in length, 2200mm in width, and 2350mm in height, accommodating up to 200 miners across 10 newly designed B100 tanks. With a robust cooling capacity of 1MW and the flexibility of both single and dual loop circulation modes, it ensures efficient heat dissipation. The system holds a substantial coolant volume of 7000L and employs a dry cooler for cooling. Operating within a voltage range of 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz, it can handle a maximum power load of 1437kW while operating at 100kW. It maintains optimal operational temperatures with a maximum inlet/outlet temperature of 48/56°C and can endure ambient temperatures ranging from -25°C to 48°C. Monitoring is facilitated through various means, including tank level mini-LED indicators, a web-based portal for remote control, standard SNMP protocol, and email integration.

Specification Details
Dimensions 11800mm(L) * 2200mm(W) * 2350mm(H)
Miner Capacity 200
Number of Tanks 10 * B100 Tank (New design)
Cooling Capacity 1MW
Circulation Mode Single Loop / Dual Loop
Coolant Volume 7000L
Cooling Type Dry Cooler
Input Voltage 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz
Max Power Load 1437kW
Operating Power 100kW
Max Inlet/Outlet Temp 48/56°C
Ambient Temperature -25°C~48°C
Monitoring 1. Tank level mini-LED
2. Web-based portal for remote control
3. Standard SNMP protocol
4. Email integration




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