Compact and lightweight, plug-and-playHigh resolution, high brightnessSupport for various content formatsWiFi-connected app operationCloud-based remote cluster control30,000 hours of continuous operation

Holowrx classic series
New version (2 blades)

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“Holowrx-30S,Witness more exciting moments””


  • Compact and lightweight, plug-and-play
  • High resolution, high brightness
  • Support for various content formats
  • WiFi-connected app operation
  • Cloud-based remote cluster control
  • 30,000 hours of continuous operation

Specifications and parameters

  • Standard:Remote control, power supply
  • Way of useWall, floor, portable
  • Resolution:512*512
  • Displayed size:33cm
  • Brightness:1800cd/m²
  • Exterior color:Black
  • Input voltage:12V
  • Rated power:24W
  • Transfer files and supported formats:jpg,jpeg,png,gif,mp4,avi,rmvb,mkv,wmv,mov,flv
  • Machine life:>30000 hours
  • Warranty period:1 year
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