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The Most Effective Ways to Use Personnel Management Kiosks

The Most Effective Ways to Use Personnel Management Kiosks


5 Ways to Use Personnel Management Kiosks

While personnel management kiosks are only one component of a larger set of measures to ensure workplace safety, they are the most effective method of preventing those who unknowingly carry the virus into your workplace. Let’s look at five of the most relevant applications of this cutting-edge solution.

  1. Office Spaces and Business Centers
  2. While many businesses have made the transition to working from home for an extended period of time, working in the office is still a requirement for many. Some businesses, for example, are not permitted to implement work-from-home policies because they deal with sensitive data.
    Workplace operations are one of the most serious threats to the virus’s continued spread. This is because the COVID-virus can survive outside the body for up to 72 hours on regular hard surfaces that include working surfaces, doorknobs, etc. Hence, it is wise to place at least one personnel management kiosk at the entrance to screen out employees who show abnormal temperature readings. The virus’s potency is so high that a single case of infection can affect an entire office.

  3. Healthcare Facilities
  4. Those who feel ill are more likely to seek medical attention in places such as doctor’s offices and community clinics. Given the risk posed by an infectious individual, it makes sense to identify those who pose the greatest risk and put the others in the waiting room at risk.
    A personnel management kiosk, placed at the entrance, can prevent both, the staff members and patients seeking medical attention from endangering the lives of others. If you consider the fact that many people who visit healthcare facilities have comorbidities, the importance of maintaining the integrity of a healthcare setting becomes even more vital.

  5. Educational Institutions
  6. Personnel management kiosks can be employed in various educational settings that include – schools, nurseries, colleges, and universities. The temperature scanning technology benefits can vary depending on the stage of education, owing primarily to the age of the students.
    Many leading experts have determined that the possibility of school-age children contracting the COVID-19 is negligible. However, their ability to serve as carriers cannot be underestimated. Because of their frequent proximity to teachers and nurses, they can unwittingly pose a genuine danger to educational personnel’s health. Educational institutions protect their staff members by ensuring that the workforce parameters are sustained at levels appropriate to operate their school or college efficiently by monitoring the temperature of both staff members and students.

  7. Warehouses, Factories, and Industrial Premises
  8. The Modes of Transportation

    The outbreak has harmed those working in the transportation industry. Bus drivers in London and transit workers in the United States have died in alarmingly high numbers. Airports, bus terminals, and train stations are places where the virus can potentially thrive. This is then spread by those who board vehicles to another location.
    Temperature monitoring systems can be installed to be used before and after shifts in environments where they can come into contact with thousands of people. Passengers can also be screened as they board or enter gates/platforms via ticket checkpoints or turnstiles. Businesses and public transportation departments can protect their employees and the general public by refusing to transport those persons with a high temperature. The kiosks can also provide an alert to individuals instructing them to wear a mask.
    While efforts to curb the virus’s spread continue, personnel management kiosks equipped with a temperature sensor and facial recognition technology can lead the way to improve workplace safety. Business owners and facility managers can better protect their employees while ensuring operations continuity by isolating and removing instances of abnormal temperatures.

    Learn more about our personnel management kiosks and feel free to contact a member of our team today to discuss your needs.