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The LG Transparent OLED Automatic Doors- Advertising made easier.

The LG Transparent OLED Automatic Doors- Advertising made easier.


An underestimated piece of utility to also add design are doors. The functional addition is an opportunity to enhance people’s experience through advanced and appealing engagement options. Every image we see talks more than words can. So, adding useful information through visuals in this manner presents new opportunities for a variety of activities that include – advertisements, announcements, information, and so on.

Be it adding words of greeting, communicating with visitors and employees, or advertising products, offers, and services, these doors can do the job effectively without a forceful or intrusive approach. Such transparent doors do not restrict visibility to objects behind and yet display high-quality media with customization.

We’re all familiar with advertising and understand how effective persistence, creativity, and visual interpretations can be. All this needs to be achieved to keep your brand fresh on your customer’s mind without a forceful approach or constant interruptions. Displaying advertisements subtly through these transparent doors can help achieve your goal with ease.

The LG Electronics and ASSA ABLOY Entrance System partnership for innovative and automated doors is a great option for residential, pedestrian, and industrial usage. The transparent OLED automatic doors are one of a kind, with unique solutions and provisions for customer service.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) behind the doors

The LG Transparent OLED Signage door, when combined with the SuperSign management solution and Entrance systems of ASSA ABLOY, delivers an outstanding and remarkable product with versatile usefulness. The software-based, integrated content management solution paired with the automated glass sliding doors provides a transparent experience without touching anything.

This helps with convenience, better accessibility, and improvement to the professional aesthetics, and interiors of the buildings it is equipped in. It can be used for a wide range of functions and make the job much easier for your business or residential complex by creating an indelible first impression on anyone that walks through these doors.

Decked with the WRGB technology from LG, the OLED pixels are self-lighting and facilitate the production of accurate, precise, and dazzling colors with unmatched brightness, exceptional contrast, and desired saturation. Without compromising on visibility, the transparent doors ensure a harmonized and suitable solution for enhancing the surroundings and displaying useful information.

LG and ASSA ABLOY’s ideals

According to the Executive Vice President and Head of ASSA ABLOY’s Entrance System Division, their motto to keep up innovation is the principle that LG sliding doors hold at its core. The product is surely unique and has groundbreaking capabilities as the integration of the two leading companies is focused on serving customers effectively.

Paik Ki-mun, the Senior Vice President and Head of the Information Display business unit at LG Electronics Business Solutions, while announcing the collaboration, stated that the partnership of the global leader in automated sliding doors, namely ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems and the LG’s upper hand in digital Signage, is sure to assure customers of a quality product with tons of innovation and a look into the future with new developments in a digital environment.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) behind this immersive experience has paved the way to a unique and captivating display with the best functionality in the market. From displaying advertisements, attractive offers, appealing products, information of latest updates, news, weather, and so much more, the transparent OLED Automatic doors are an asset to any company.

Benefits of the Transparent OLED Automatic Door

The product is perfect for branding, customization, and the simplest solution for better customer service that checks all the boxes you will ever need.

The OLED technology is also expandable and can be customized and manufactured for any kind of entryway, any measurement, and a variety of doors. The tempered glass isn’t susceptible to scratches easily and has a modern, robust design with sturdiness and durability in one. The automatic sliding doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems also ensure quality and functioning that doesn’t deteriorate with ease.

Prioritizing the convenience of customers, LG has created a door to newer opportunities with its fantastic and creative solution. Advertising, marketing, and customizing your brand are made much easier with this product.


The automatic doors are built and based on the LG 55EW5G-A Transparent OLED Signage display. The commercial display offers a typical brightness of 400 nits (candela per square meter, cd/m²) and a 25% Average Picture Level (APL).

Each Nit measures the amount of light sent from the screen to your eyes in the specified area, here 1 square meter. APL indicates the average luminance over the entire screen, which can range from 0% for an entirely black screen to 100% for an entirely white screen at peak brightness. This ensures visibility and proper portrayal of all colors without any murkiness, blurring, or glaring.

Bezel borders:
Bezels are the borders surrounding the TV, and the OLED Signage offers 7.9mm around the screen and 121.7 mm at the bottom. With the small surface area of the bezel, the screen size is maximized and creates more space for display.

The transparency of these OLED doors is 38%, a perfect balance for quality visuals and viewing objects behind or through the display. With the slim structure of the Signage technology and the absence of backlight units and crystal layers, the display helps overlay anything you desire over anything that’s behind it.

The Signage can be interfaced and connected to other devices through HDMI, DP, USB(2), RS232C, RJ45, and IR to control the display and its contents. An audio interface is also available for the OLED door to enhance visual communication.


  • The LG Transparent doors can help level up your creativity many folds and build a better connection through the wide variety of features than other conventional digital signage.
  • With the vivid and clear colors, the display is seamless and effortlessly sets in with the surroundings. The high transparency and visual illumination enhance objects placed on the other side for better visibility both ways.
  • The product is protected from external touch, damages, and other factors with the OCA bonded tempered glass. It’s also not susceptible to easy breakage as it resists impact and has an anti-shatter glass design.
  • As the product is semi-assembled, it can be customized into any size and shape to fit your door frames, and it’ll fit into those existing spaces without any hassle.
  • The display also comes with 16 GB internal memory and a temperature sensor that can operate in temperatures between 0 °C and 40 °C and humidity between 10% and 80%.

Technical Specifications

  • Contrast ratio: 150,000 : 1
  • Color depth: 1.07 Billion individual colors, 10 bit (R) (bit refers to the richness of color palettes used in displays).
  • Surface treatment: 2H hard coating
  • Viewing angle: 178 x 178
  • Response time: 1 millisecond
  • Operation hours for moving content: 18 hours/ 7 days
  • Output: DP Out, Audio Out, IR Out, RJ45 (LAN).
  • Power supply: AC 100- 240V~, 50/ 60 Hz.
  • Max Power Consumption: 250 W/ 280 W

Transparent Door Displays: The Future for Advertising

The Transparent OLED Signage is an advertiser’s dream as it is innovative, persistent, and super appealing. The LG and ASSA ABLOY partnership leaves no doubt in mind regarding performance, quality, and durability. They perfectly suit any interior, can play up your interior game, and add a professional touch with functionality.

Bring tomorrow’s technology to your company today for such futuristic solutions and advanced answers to everyday problems. Because there doesn’t have to be a problem to find answers to, even everyday advertising can be enhanced for added efficiency and impact. Vipera is a leading seller of the latest LG Transparent OLED Automatic Doors along with its installation service across the globe. So, you don’t have to worry about the installation technicalities too; Vipera has it all covered!

You can get more insight on such topics; keep reading our blogs and connect with us at www.viperatech.com to find more on such things.

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