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The LG LED Bloc might just be the advertiser’s dream.

The LG LED Bloc might just be the advertiser’s dream.


Simplicity is sometimes much underrated. For every business today, developing innovative ideas to enrich their customer service and create a better method for advertising and endorsing their products is essential. Finding an optimum solution for displaying offers, updates, and information appealingly is quite a task.

The LSAA Series by LG is an award-winning product line with the best design available in the market. With unmatched quality and extensive usage possibilities, companies can now enunciate their business space without any hassle or inconvenience along the way. We’re all too familiar with the importance of visualizing – The easiest way to keep your brand and ideas fresh in your customers’ minds. Signage has been widely used for the said purpose for a long time, but scoping for innovation at its core has helped LG develop a persistent yet subtle approach without seeming forceful. With advanced, one-of-a-kind features, a product like the LG LED Bloc can be the answer to your search.

LG’s Ideals and Goals
LG aims to give businesses an immersive experience with captivating and functional display solutions for greeting, advertising, familiarizing visitors with attractive offers, and constantly filling them up on updates and information like weather updates, news in general, and other such events.

The range of LG commercial displays creates a lasting impact on your customers and business. Vipera exclusively chooses these revolutionary products for all of the OLED and signage products by partnering with LG. With advanced technology, the LED panel is made to give perfect accuracy, has unrivaled precision, facilitates exceptional contrast and brightness, and a spectrum of varying saturation; the product promises the best visibility and quality out of all products in the market.

Features and Specifications

The LG LSAA series is equipped with tons of desirable features that help benefit businesses. With advanced and state-of-the-art technology, this signage helps effectively transmit and transfer your ideas onto the big screen without compromising on quality and clarity.

Pixel pitch: 1.22mm
Pixel pitch is the density of the LED crystals, also known as pixels on display. It makes up the resolution of the images and the video and is basically the distance from the center of a pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel. Ideally, we require lesser space between the pixels that increase the density and improve the resolution.

Brightness: 600 nits (cd/ Sq. m)
Each Nit measures the brightness of the light and the quantities from the display screen within 1 square meter. A higher number ensures better visibility and portrayal without any glare.

Data transfer and docking
The LED Doc facilitates wireless data transfer of the media to be supplied and comes with cable-less power docking for optimal design and quality.

Image processing
The display requires no additional signal cables and power lines owing to the AI-powered image processing and blocks assembly design. The Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor helps in analyzing content and recognizing details for better sharpness.

HDR Color Expression
Equipped with HDR 10 and HDR 10 Pro, the colors are impactful and vivid and add to the enriching experience with a wider range of colors and a better ratio of contrast to bring the images and visuals to life.

Every LED Doc is made to have a higher level of compatibility and is Creston Connection Certified for its combining work with AV controls. They integrate effortlessly and make business management all the more efficient and seamless.

Remote Control
The series guarantees easy accessibility with easy remote control support that helps with all the features, settings, controls, and connection options. They also adapt easily with an external IR sensor that provides the best User Experience and User Interface (UI/ UX).

LED Packages
The LSAA series offers the best smoothness and unification of the light sources. Unlike the single light source used to make LED packages, the LED bloc uses 4 simultaneously for wider use than the conventional ones.

Redundancy Support
Specially equipped with system controllers and embedded with a backup PSU, in addition to the main one, the Signage reduces the risk of operation failure, power loss, signal redundancy, and screen failure. The bi-directional signal input is the best solution for foolproof functioning and longer hours of working.

Exclusive accessories
The displays are versatile and help with a wide variety of functions with dedicated accessories that can be paired with them. From wall mount kits, frame kits, connective, and expandable screens, the installation and utility of the display are impeccable.

Product Specifications

– Power Configuration: 4 Pixels in 1 package, SMD for both
– Pixel pitch: 0.093mm for LSAA009 and 1.25mm for LSAA012
– Number of modules per Cabinet: 2 W x 3 H for both
– Cabinet Resolution (W x H): 640 x 360 for LSAA009 and 480 x 270 for LSAA012
– Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D): 600 x 3375 x 44.9 mm for both
– Brightness: Typically 600 Nits, reaches peak of 1200 Nits.
– Contrast Ratio: Typically 4000: 1 and 8000: 1 peak ratio for both.

System Controller Specifications

The 2 system controllers are CSAA009 and CSAA012 in the LSAA series.

– Resolution: Ultra High Definition (UHD)- 3840 x 2160
– Input Signal: Compatible with HDMI (up to 3), DP, and USB 2.0
– Output Signal: 5 GB Ethernet, 8 each and 5.1 ch SPDIF Audio
– Controls: IR, RS232C in and out; Ethernet.
– HDR Compatibility: Works with both HDR 10 and HDR 10 Pro
– Has built-in Wifi Compatibility
– 16 GB Internal Storage
– Dimensions: 446 W x 63 H x 301 D mm.
– Image enhancement options: HDR 10 and HDR 10 Pro, 3D Color Gamut Mapping, Low Latency, Auto-Brightness Controls, expanded with External Brightness Sensor.

Benefits of using the LG LSAA series

Vipera partners with LG to transform traditional advertising for today’s evolving digital landscape. It´s the perfect time to evolve and start using experimental technologies.
LG aims to optimize business capabilities and enhance the visual experience provided to customers with “True Innovation behind Simplicity.” With better content analysis, quality recognition, image processing, and visual optimization and the addition of an AI-designed Engine for Optimized media visibility. Every display has an exceptional color expression, enhanced liveliness, and better visual impact for every media portrayed.

The expandable screens can help install several screen displays using the exclusive wall mount kits and frames. The Signage delivers overall convenience and ease and helps businesses work with their resources with AV Conference System Compatibility and control support. The company is also credible, and the series is EMC Class B Certified, making the equipment safe for residential, industrial, and retail use.

With the cathode drivers, the display ensures an energy-saving power system with effective power consumption. With a standby mode for low voltage and lack of input signal, the screen and circuit parts remain inactive in that mode, lowering power consumption.

LG LSAA series: The display that creates an impact

With live customer service and LG Connected care, any business can avail of the 365 days cloud service solution in case of display damages, faulty diagnosis, help with remote controls, and operation of the display. The LG LED Bloc is the ideal and exquisite solution for your business to enhance its visualization game. Connect with us to know more about this product.

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