20-seat water cooled rack for whatsminer
20-seat water cooled rack for whatsminer
20-seat water cooled rack for whatsminer

Lian Li Whatsminer Hydro Cabinet 20-Slot Rack


Power System: 380V 3-Phase; 600A PDU: 20 position power switch
Cooling Capacity: Maximum 200KW; 30T closed loop water cooling tower required (NOT INCLUDED)
Unit Seating: 20
CDU: water temperature monitoring, water flow monitoring, automatic water replenishment, liquid leakage detection, pressure detection, water pump frequency modulation water level control, water purification function (optional)
Control System: each output switch is monitored by PLC (programmable logic controller)
Main Water Pipe: DN40
Branch Water Pipe: DN8
Assembly Required: Yes
Warranty Included: 2 years unlimited parts replacement coverage


Ships in 20 days from payment. For sourcing of the 30T cooling tower, please consult a sales representative. Air freight will be charged and billed separately. Economical sea freight option available. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. For bulk inquiries, consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.

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Input Voltage/V: 380V 3-phase
Capacity: 20 miners
Product Size: 100cm L*80cm W* 206cm H
Net Weight (kilograms): 360KG



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