Intel Xeon Platinum 8468 48C/96T 2.10-3.80GHz 105MB 350W


✓ CPU Frequency: 2.10GHz

✓ Generation: Intel 4th Gen

✓ Product Line: Xeon Platinum

✓ HBM Size: 0

✓ Socket: 4677

✓ Processor Series: TypProc 4th Gen Xeon Scalable

✓ Core Count: 48

✓ Turbo Frequency: 3.80GHz

✓ Cache: 105MB

✓ TDP: 350W

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    Intel® Xeon® Platinum

    Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors deliver uncompromised performance and a maximum level of security. Thanks to the exceptional scalability of two, four and eight sockets these processors are appropriate for mission-critical, analytical calculations in real time, machine learning, artificial intelligence and working with cloud data.

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    Memory Compatibility

    When choosing a processor, it is also a good idea to pay attention to the maximum memory capacity that the processor can handle. This parameter is not expandable in the future except by replacing it with a more powerful processor. Next, pay attention to the maximum frequency of the computer memory that the processor can work with — if the frequency of the computer memory is higher than this value, the processor automatically underclocks the memory modules to its maximum supported frequency.

Parameter Specification
Frekvence CPU (GHz) 2.10
Generation Intel 4th Generation
Product Line Xeon Platinum
HBM size 0
Socket 4677
Processor Series TypProc 4th Gen Xeon Scalable
Core count 48
Turbo frequency 3.80
Cache 105
TDP (W) 350



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