CSA 336 unit Mining Container

✓ Substructure: 1219224382896mm, Weight: 6 tons, Safety escape doors

✓ Switchgear: CSA, UL Listing 1200A, 14x80A circuit breakers, SCCR 35KA

✓ PDU: CSA, Single control, C20 sockets, 20A current

✓ Exhaust: 16×1200*1200mm fans, UL motor, Quick connectors

✓ Water cooling: 8x100mm stainless steel curtains, Anti-dust netting, Snow guards

✓ Shelves: 4x 255 x 258 x 360mm, 12 S19 mining machines/set, Total: 336 sets

✓ Certificates: CSC, CSA, UL listed materials

✓ Color: RAL7035 off-white default, Customizable (branding/logo/colors)


Please contact us for pricing. Shipping costs will be quoted and charged separately (by air or sea) and can vary greatly depending on location, quantity and method. Typical range is around $7,000 USD door-to-door not including import tariffs. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. For bulk inquiries, consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.

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    Switchgear and Power Distribution Units:

    The switchgear and power distribution units (PDUs) are at the core of ensuring safe and efficient electricity management within the structure. With CSA certification and UL listing, the main circuit breaker boasting a capacity of 1200A guarantees compliance with stringent safety standards. Equipped with 14 sets of 80A circuit breakers, each controlling a dedicated PDU, the system ensures precise control and protection against overloads with a short-circuit current rating (SCCR) of 35KA. Additionally, the PDUs themselves, also CSA-certified, feature single-control functionality, safeguarding against power interruption across the entire strip. Their C20 sockets, capable of handling instantaneous currents of up to 20A, ensure compatibility with modern mining equipment, facilitating seamless operation.

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    Water Cooling System and Exhaust Setup:

    The water cooling system and exhaust setup work in tandem to maintain optimal operating conditions within the structure, crucial for sustained performance of the equipment housed within. Comprising eight robust stainless steel water curtains, each 100mm thick and fortified with internal anti-dust netting, the cooling system efficiently dissipates heat generated during operation, safeguarding against overheating. On the exterior, strategically placed snow guards further enhance protection, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in adverse weather conditions. Meanwhile, the exhaust system, featuring 16 sets of 1200*1200mm negative pressure fans, effectively expels heat and maintains a controlled environment. With UL-certified motors and quick connectors for swift replacement, the exhaust system stands as a reliable solution, promoting optimal performance and longevity of the equipment housed within the structure.

Substructure 12192*2438*2896mm Shipping Containers, Single weight 6 tons;Safety escape doors at both ends, compliant with fire safety requirements
switchgear CSA certification,UL Listing for Main Circuit Breaker 1200A,14set 80A circuit breakers to control 14 PDUs,SCCR 35KA
PDU CSA certification,PDU unit single control, will not cut off the power of the whole strip.Sockets are made of C20,Instantaneous current up to 20A
Exhaust system 16 sets 1200*1200mm negative pressure fans; motor power supply with UL certification;Power supply with quick connectors for easy replacement
Water cooling system 8 pieces of 100mm thick stainless steel water curtains; internal addition of anti-dust netting;Snow guards on the outside
Shelves 4 sets of 2550*2580*360mm shelves; each set of shelves puts 12 sets of S19 mining machines on each floor; a total of 12*7*4=336 sets.
Certificates Main Container CSC Classification Society Certification;CSA certification report for the entire box;Circuit materials are UL listed
Color The standard color is RAL7035 off-white, customized colors are possible;
Customized services Product Specification,LOGO,Power System,Intelligent PDU.



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