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Holographic Future and Advertising Potentials

Holographic Future and Advertising Potentials

  • Published On: 4 Sep 2021
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  • Holographic Future and Advertising Potentials
  • Challenges faced by Samsung :

    With the growing competition today, the necessity to invent has increased. Even companies like Samsung with the best products and services need to concentrate on every business, especially in workplaces. It is important to note every detail, be it a greeting, marketing, or advertising. When Samsung Mexico felt that every norm in the market is overused, they faced a hard time with all the display panels and screens. When it comes to execution, it can be hard to check all the boxes, and in this case, something more.
    Vipera aims to bring the technology of the future rather than simply fitting today’s needs. Samsung needed a subtle yet persistent method for customers to constantly look at a company’s services without seeming intrusive. One such commodity that Vipera managed to provide is Holographic products.

    How Samsung Approached Vipera?

    The workplaces, business offices, outlets, and factories of Samsung Mexico needed something innovative. For their well-established, advanced technology and flourishing business, they needed transparent and innovative displays solutions to help them. Vipera had been a growing company and offered their modern Holographic idea designs and best quality, high-speed LED holograms with creative control.

    How Vipera helped Samsung?

    Vipera sells the best Holographic blades and transparent displays. We combined the resolution and format of holographic products to help the owners of various Samsung Centers and their staff to come up with the much-needed advertising and display ideas. This helped attract customers, keep everything subtle and yet fresh in their minds. They had a better color expression and could be extensively used inside stores or outside.
    Holographic blades like the Holowrx-50s, Holowrx-30s, and Dsee 2049 16S 4G Outdoor
    were widely used in commercial and retail stores of Samsung for their compact, lightweight nature and high resolution. The compatibility with various content formats and cloud-based remote cluster controls helped attract customers through bright, exciting, and appealing images, increasing sales.
    Vipera created a supportive retail product for showcasing pictures, media, updates, and offers to appeal to Samsung’s customers. For the in-store collections, retail promotions, and offer projections for Samsung Mexico, the products were ensured to be durable. The convenience and special effects made possible by Vipera also helped bring creative and impressive media for Samsung.


    Now that all showrooms, manufacturing warehouses, and service centers of Samsung Mexico had to open in office, Vipera also realized how to help all members of the company with solutions that are the need of the time. Samsung has also benefited from the top service of Vipera and its 24/7 customer care and tech support.
    With the necessity of a quick turnaround time and the urgency of Samsung to push limits and break boundaries, Vipera was able to provide expert service and provide many holographic blades and films for numerous outlets in less than 2 weeks. With the quickest turnaround time in the market, we aim to go the extra mile and satisfy customers.

  • Smart Health Solutions for Diageo
  • Challenges faced by Diageo

    Health is of the essence, and since the pandemic, we’ve all grown to be more aware of it. Since everyone has been getting more health-conscious, Diageo, a leading manufacturer of beverages, faced the inconvenience of having to appoint people for monitoring and interacting with people that walk in. Be it their manufacturing warehouses or retail showrooms, the workers of Diageo needed to follow proper social distancing practices and avoid peer contact. Reopening their workplaces and offices was inevitable, considering the need for essentials and to keep livelihoods running.

    How Diageo approached Vipera?

    Diageo was looking for innovative and state-of-the-art technology to deal with their problems. They needed to digitize and automate attendance, temperature monitoring, sanitizing, and recording entry permits to avoid human contact as much as possible. Diageo looked for better healthcare monitoring solutions for their successful spirits and beer business as any company manufacturing edible goods, and packaged food intends to. With Vipera’s well-known and established name, for supplying some of the market’s most effective and advanced solutions, Diageo decided to approach Vipera with their requirements and pain points. Understanding the necessity and urgency to meet the requirements quickly, the experts at Vipera managed to provide their services to Diageo outlets within a week.

    How did Vipera help Diageo?

    Vipera brought to the table an array of smart healthcare solutions to help Diageo run their offices without having to compromise on health and hygiene. From automatic dispensers, combo Terminals digitized sanitizer dispensers, and spray atomizers to thermal gates, temperature Kiosks, and UV light sanitizers, Vipera equipped all workplaces of Diageo with the products in no time. Now they didn’t have to worry about welcoming people into the buildings as Vipera managed to look into the need of the hour and make Diageo safe and disease-free.

    Now, all visits have been made preventive and cautious with smart motion sensors, contact-free, spillage-free, and effective usage of sanitizers. Vipera put health as a priority, and every person who walked through the checkpoints of Diageo is now scanned, recognized, and monitored. The unmatched turnaround time helped the company reopen its doors, aid its staff, and welcome customers to taste their products.


    Vipera worked quickly to solve several problems that Diageo faced. Temperature monitoring had been a hassle. The mask recognition feature and the compatible terminal that can access systems to automatically open and close doors make the whole experience hands-free. Vipera is always willing to go the extra mile because giving customers what they want is at the heart of our services.

    Knowing that all processes of the companies are well monitored and looked after, customers also have been trickling back with trust, and hence, the sales in Diageo have grown well. Not just the contact-free measures, but Vipera also managed to help with prevention, caution, and hygiene. Instead of simply cleaning, Diageo outlets today use Disinfectant Spray Guns and Foggers with high temperature, nano disinfection technology. With the long-range and automation capabilities, the spray guns helped cover more areas and create a safe environment for the workers of Diageo.

  • Contact-free screening at the time of need
  • Challenges faced by the US Marine Expeditionary Base

    The US Expeditionary Base in Okinawa has also hit the same problems as the public when it comes to the pandemic but on a much greater level. The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive to everyone but has taught us the value of health and hygiene. Even though we are interdependent, we had to follow strict measures, temperature checks, and maintain a safe distance to go near people. It has been hard for everyone. Especially for the Expeditionary Base, the option of working from home isn’t available either. With the necessity of physical presence, there has been a lot of interaction among the Marines. Taking note of the temperature, screening them, and aiding in automated sanitization became a growing need quickly.

    How they approached Vipera?

    It was inevitable to begin offline operation for the US Marine Base in Okinawa. They needed reliable and automated technology without manual operation to decrease the overall contact and interaction between their Marines without having to compromise on efficient monitoring. Vipera, a leading supplier of smart technology and screening solutions in the market, was their first choice. Owing to the advanced Temperature Kiosks – cordless, effective, and innovative; Vipera offered several solutions for the needs of the Base.

    How Vipera helped the US Marine Expeditionary Base in Okinawa?

    To help bring back everyone into the base and eliminate the concern of faulty measurements and false capturing, Vipera quickly provided temperature kiosks that also reduced the need for manual operation. Vipera created quick measuring and earning sensors for their kicks and equipped them with German HEIMANN thermophile sensors.

    The US Expeditionary Base could successfully overcome safety concerns because of the added data logging, contact tracing, and facial recognition with masks. The accurate database and infrared reading with a capacity of capturing 30,000 faces were quickly added to the kiosks on demand from the Marine Base. Vipera’s impressive turnaround time and excellent in-house customer service were unmatched in the market and worked together to help the US Marine Expeditionary in Okinawa during times of need.

    Learning and development

    With Vipera aiming to cross borders to help customers, they added greeting software request features in the Kiosk displays to ensure that everyone follows proper workplace etiquette related to the pandemic. Vipera added an inbuilt attendance system and also covered 1-year replacement warranty for defects. The satisfied US Expeditionary Base learned to make health a priority and has been using the contact-free, innovative solutions of Vipera ever since.