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How Covid is Impacting Different Industries

How Covid is Impacting Different Industries


How Covid-19 is Impacting Different Industries


The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in widespread concern and economic hardship for individuals, businesses, and communities around the globe.

The United Nations Labour Body (ILO) states that:


A sum of 195 million jobs are being threatened by the COVID-19, which means a significant income loss for the workers making the coronavirus pandemic the biggest hurdle known for the recruitment industry.


Even though the virus was estimated to wipe out 10% of the annual revenues in various sectors, not every industry had the same effects. Industries such as aviation and tourism seem to be the ones that were heavily impacted. In contrast, the others, including the education sector, have seemingly thrived in the current conditions.


Speaking of finding solutions to overcome the negative impact of such difficult times is to develop efficient solutions based on technological discoveries and development. In our innovative times, using machines such as Vaxipass and digital thermometers kiosks to screen a majority of people in public places and organizations can be effective in decreasing the impact of Coronavirus on people around the world. Using Vaxipass is perhaps the best way in which industries and businesses can make a comeback towards stability.


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VaxiPass Digital Thermometer Kiosk


In this article, we will discover the negative and positive impacts on various industries. Here are some sectors that suffered greatly from the world pandemic and bounced back from this current situation.



Perhaps the industry that has taken the hardest hit from the pandemic. In a cash-sensitive and low-profit margin business such as aviation, closure of borders, grounding of air traffic, and shelter-in-place policies around the globe means major airlines today are looking forward to shortening their staff significantly.


Not just that, factors such as increased use of video conferencing have had limited business travel, which can result in even a bigger hit in the long run. To avoid getting infected while traveling and help the aviation industry make a comeback, installing Vaxipass to allow only the vaccinated people to travel anywhere in the world. Doing this can avoid spreading the virus and help restore the world economy to its initial stage.


Food and hospitality

Due to the border closures and less traveling, the hospitality industry has suffered a significant loss over the passage of the previous two years. It has even led them to cut down their staff or downsize them. However, with the prevalent use of technology and the introduction of delivering robots, restaurants should focus on providing food using technology that prevents in-person interactions and the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. This change in the delivery services of food can significantly help the industry to make a comeback.



Advancements in technology significantly improve the ways frontline medical experts communicate and provide primary and essential care to their patients. Telemedicine is perhaps a way that has been made possible by technology to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. The doctors can provide their diagnoses through the description of their symptoms over video conferencing or chatbox.


It can be said that telemedicine in the healthcare industry is bridging the gap between physicians and patients. Mainly the individuals are showing the symptoms of the virus. It has allowed them to interact via virtual channels with a medical expert from the comfort of their homes. This does not only help in available communication but also safeguards the lives of the healthcare professionals at the frontline.


Nowadays, healthcare practitioners have access to devices such as COVID-19 touchless digital thermometer kiosk and face recognition temperature scanning that helps them to provide optimum online care. Besides that, the hospitals and other public places have installed COVID-19 temperature screening Kiosks, and Vaxipass veneration which are the most prominent example of technological advancements that make it possible to detect infected or symptomatic individuals.



Plagues with myriad challenges, the automobile industry faces the curse of about 1.1 million jobs in the EU alone. It can be said that there are hard chances for the automobile industry to recover from the loss shortly. However, it is also expected that consumers will switch to personal mobility, driving up purchases of new vehicles.


The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted various sectors as well as recruitment functions. However, the industries are adapting to technological advancements around the globe.


Education industry

Technology has had a substantial impact on the educational sector. It has enhanced distance learning among the students and the teachers. With the increased number of individuals being infected with the COVID-19 virus, many countries issued the cessation of all in-person learning classes in institutes to help prevent air-borne disease.


With that being the situation, many institutions have started offering online classes through various platforms such as Zoom, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Team Meet. It ensured that the world pandemic and lockdowns did not affect or disrupt the education of the learners.


Not just that, the technology used in distance learning can also be used for communications to carry out business operations and more. With the use of these technological innovations, engagement between the students with distance learning has enhanced their technical skill and made them critical thinkers.


However, now that the world is slowly reopening, the schools and colleges will likely commence physical classes. This means precautions are to be taken, as said above, Vaxipass is the solution to detect vaccinated students and infected individuals, which can significantly help avoid the spread of the disease.


Online Shopping

Since the world went to a lockdown after an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, technological advancements have been used to promote and enable people to continue shopping without any stress. The truth is that the world pandemic has transformed online shopping from being an occasional thing to a must. This helped immensely in preventing the spread of the air-borne disease.


People says that online shopping has taken the logistic system to the next level. With robots to deliver supplies and commodities to the location, it ensured contactless deliveries to avoid in-person interactions, which can cause increased infected individuals. In addition to that, online payments have become a norm for shoppers to prevent the spread of infection.


Besides that, significant variations and changes in online behavior have also been observed, causing a surge in the eCommerce industry.


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It is not a lie when saying that the COVID-19 virus is gradually leading to changes impacting the lives of many individuals, businesses, and communities in both positive and negative ways. It has disrupted different sectors and the recruitment functions of various industries, along with affecting the security of the jobs of individuals working. However, planning futuristically and applying the latest technologies like automation and AI can help streamline business operations with an advantage to bounce back. Innovative machines such as the Vaxipass and COVID screening Kiosks can become the solutions to avoid the spread of the virus and restore the world to its original place. It can be seen that the implications of technology in various industries are playing a significant role in ensuring and maintaining continuous business functions without interruption.