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Employee Temperature Checks: Facts that Employers need to be Aware of.

Employee Temperature Checks: Facts that Employers need to be Aware of.


Bill Gates had given a TedTalk in 2015 in which he did mention that the world was not ready for a biological calamity. “If something kills more than 10 million people in the next few decades, it will almost certainly be a highly contagious virus,” he’d predicted. In just a matter of a few months after the global outbreak, the death toll stands at 350,000 and is rising.
Much of this is attributed to the unhealthy and uncontrolled lifestyle choices of the people. Having enough surgical masks on hand for something that could happen is maybe going too far, but as a preventive step, screening temperatures is something we can do and have the technology for. We would most certainly be adopting similar technologies worldwide.

Temperature Measurement

Imagine a temperature screening kiosk that conducts facial recognition in addition to an accurate temperature reading. And if every company, train station, airport, supermarket, and all other public places installed such temperature kiosks, wouldn’t the world be in a better position to screen out the infected persons and reduce transmission risk by and large? This could greatly enable the world to smartly handle the situation and stay safer.
The Viperatech Body Temperature Measurement Kiosk is intended to be a contact-free, stand-alone system that can instantly detect who you are from a database and monitor your temperature. It can show not only how much above or below the temperature threshold you are but also detect whether or not you are wearing a mask.
This can be really critical for employers. Work cannot be avoided, as, at the end of the day, everyone wants to raise money, and make a living. All businesses strive to ensure that they can meet the goals and stay afloat even in a pandemic situation. Employee temperature checks can definitely reduce the risk of illness transmission in the workplace while also allowing employees to be screened regularly. If you have a fever, you can be sent home and avoid any possibility of transmission to other workers.
Employee temperature tests, which were traditionally thought to be unnecessary and an added expense, are now an investment and the norm in today’s business climate.

What are your legal rights?

The legal status on taking workers’ temperatures in conjunction with the coronavirus, according to the CIPD, is equivalent to diagnostic monitoring of employees for other purposes. Certain contracts can have a provision requiring workers to submit to medical testing. You may include the employee temperature tests under this category, but the two are quite dissimilar.
The alternative to ensure that you are protected as an employer is to obtain an employee’s consent. However, the employee may decline to submit to temperature tests. All the same, it is a good idea to educate the employees about how the employee temperature tests are non-invasive and can be conducted in a matter of a second.
Note that this alternative applies to only those companies that have to stay operational under any circumstances, or, even as an increasing number of businesses return to normalcy. Many firms may want to keep their workers functioning comfortably by introducing social distancing and temperature tests.

Embrace Technology to Combat Potential Threats

The body temperature screening kiosks can provide workers and managers with concrete data as to whether or not a member of the staff is ill. This is true not only for the Coronavirus but for any other disease/infection that may emerge in the world.
Each kiosk is designed to help prevent the spread of viruses and to ensure a safer environment for the working masses. It also serves the same purpose for the general public wherever applicable, such as toilets, pharmacies, and so on. Body Temperature Measurement by Viperatech Kiosks are high-tech security measures that can be used at entry points and can be installed aesthetically on a desk, mounted on a wall, or even as a stand-alone screening portal.
The device’s 8-inch IPS panel shows temperatures ranging between 10 ̊ to 42 ̊ Celsius in seconds. It is a contact-free device and supports 1-1 facial recognition with a deviation of just half-degree above or below the accurate reading.

Contact us today to learn more about Vipera and body temperature monitoring kiosks. Secure a safe workplace for your clients and staff right now!