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Introducing the Jasminer X16-Q
and Exclusive Test Results
Quiet! Space-Saving! Compact! Powerful!

Introducing the Jasminer X16-Q: Power and Efficiency in One Package

The Jasminer X16-Q is a testament to Viperatech’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Crafted with precision, this high-throughput 3U quiet server delivers unparalleled performance. Equipped with advanced features, it offers an impressive hashrate and remarkable efficiency, enabling miners to achieve remarkable results. The X16-Q strikes the perfect balance between power and silence, creating an optimal environment for mining operations.

But how does the Jasminer X16-Q truly perform? During the secret testing phase, this mining powerhouse underwent rigorous evaluation to ensure its capabilities meet and exceed expectations. The results were nothing short of astounding. The X16-Q showcased exceptional stability, consistently delivering outstanding hashrates while operating silently. Its advanced cooling system kept temperatures well within optimal ranges, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Jasminer X16-Q Quiet WiFi 1,940MH/s 630W (ETC)

The X16-P: Pre-order Now to Secure the Future

Exciting news awaits all mining enthusiasts – the upcoming X16-P is now available for pre-order! Building on the success of its predecessors, this highly anticipated miner is set to elevate mining capabilities to unprecedented heights. 


While specific details are still under wraps, the X16-P promises unparalleled performance, advanced features, and an extraordinary mining experience. Be among the first to harness the power of this game-changing miner and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency mining.

Viperatech: Pioneering Mining Innovations with the Jasminer X16-Q and the Anticipated X16-P​

Viperatech, renowned for pushing the boundaries of possibility, continues to pave the way for mining innovations. With the Jasminer X16-Q as a testament to their dedication, it’s clear that the X16-P will be another groundbreaking addition to their product lineup. Stay tuned for more updates as Viperatech prepares to unveil the full potential of the X16-P.


Note: Stay tuned for further updates on the X16-P’s specifications and release date. Prepare to embark on a mining journey like never before as Viperatech continues to redefine the possibilities of cryptocurrency mining.


Jasminer X16-Q Quiet WiFi 1,940MH/s 630W (ETC)

To learn more about the Jasminer X16-Q, explore the secret testing results, and secure your pre-order for the upcoming X16-P, visit Viperatech’s official website. Embrace the future of cryptocurrency mining and unleash your mining potential with Viperatech’s remarkable mining machines.


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