Advisory: 4th batch of 170HX will arrive June 27th 2022. For any remaining 3rd batch 170 HX orders unfulfilled, please inquire about a GPU or Ethash ASIC swap. HK and Singapore warehouse will be closed April 30th - May 5th. Hosting colocation is still available in Ohio, Texas, North Dakota and Dubai with limited spots available starting at 0.06 cents- 0.10 cents per kw/h and $50-$150/mo per machine hosting fees. Dubai Showroom grand opening delayed until June 2022.


  • Antminer S19 Hydro
  • Antminer S19i
  • Antminer S19
  • Antminer S19 Pro
  • Antminer S19j
  • Antminer S19j Pro
  • Smart Pass Facial Recognition – Model FS800 Only
  • DC MIPS Smart Pass – Model YXD-F8 Only
  • eFace Smart Pass – Model F8-A Only
  • Smart Pass Terminal – Model JLT-FR3 Only
  • Nvidia 90 HX CMP Linux Drivers
  • Nvidia CMP 170HX Windows Drivers
  • Wired Control
  • 3D Maker