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Facial recognition temperature kiosks for the industrial sector could be critical in preventing relapse in the labor-intensive sectors like FMCG and logistics. Let us take a look at these devices, and how they work in industrial work environments like factories and warehouses? How do facial […]

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5 Prominent Impacts of the Pandemic on Employees and Workplaces

The effect of CoVID-19 has been felt by one and all. The level of impact may vary, but the bottom line is that it has transformed the entire approach to the usual workplace protocols and systems. This has forced organizations to reshape their working strategies […]

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Temperature Measuring and Face Recognition Security Check Gate

Tough times don’t last but tough people do – As the popular adage goes, most of the businesses are preparing to resume operations and want to ensure a safe transition into a CoVID-safe working environment without hampering productivity. A couple of initiatives by the governments […]

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Viperatron by Holowrx Dynamic Thermometer Kiosk 8” (FS800)

As per a survey by MONSTER – 77% of respondents are keen on knowing the workplace safety measures in a post-CoVID world. And from among the respondents, a whopping 43% have stated that the biggest change in their company policies has been with respect to […]

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Why must Schools Embrace Temperature Kiosk Technology?

The unexpected and incredible changes that the world is currently facing have created a niche for advanced screening and check-in technologies that work with zero contact. Such technologies have become a complete necessity to combat CoVID-spread and ensure a safe and protected environment especially in […]

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